July Foundational Fitness Challenge

Air Squats!

Too many people avoid fitness because they are afraid they’ll get hurt or they just don’t know what to do.

Exercise should be a healthy, sustainable, and fun way to meet your goals and live a happier healthier life!

Your Goals + Our Coaching = SUCCESS

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, our coaches and programming will meet you there and take you where you want to go.

Our proven system helps you get fit without getting hurt.

We call it 'Clinical Fitness' as it is doctor-designed to allow you to train effectively without harm. The 60 minute workout has 4 phases:

First you’ll meet your coach for assessment. Once, that’s complete, each workout has 4 phases:

Activate – full body mobility warm up

Accelerate – Safe movements that get your heart rate to the optimal level.

Enhance – Full-body circuit training utilizing bodyweight and free weights.

Elongate – Full-body cool down and lengthening.

Welcome to the best 60 minutes of your day.

Meet Your Coaches


Chris Van Nostrand

  • Foundational Fitness Coach
Liz durham headshot 2022 pjk841kvl5b0mwvwtwzbokgrhc9hliqyx2q6k95vy4

Liz Durham

  • Foundational Fitness Coach

Small Group Strength Training

Great Space and Big Results!
Foam rolling is a great way to release those muscles and get them ready for the day. We end workouts with strategic foam rolling.
Our classes are small enough to enjoy one on one attention from our coaches, but large enough to make new friends!
Can you believe we had 50 members per month in our old, tiny location? Now we have a spacious gym space with great equipment!

Get started with a no sweat intro:


Get To Know You

We use our no sweat intro to learn more about you and your past experiences with fitness and the things you enjoy doing.

Understanding Goals

We want to find out what your health and fitness goals are so we can help so we can find the best ways to reach them.

Measure Baseline

Together we will determine how close you are to meeting your goals.

Make a Plan

We join you in creating a plan to meet your individual goals.


The primary purpose of a no-sweat intro is to determine how we can best help you.

Try our 30-Day On Ramp!

Let us know your biggest fitness goal in the space below.

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