Our Process

1. New Patient Forms

Help us get to know you, your health concerns and goals, and how we can best serve you. Book your appointment with our trusted chiropractic team in Evanston, IL, today and we’ll send the appropriate form to you.

2. Your Consultation & Exam

We want to understand how we can help you overcome pain and restore ability through a thorough health history and dialogue. Then, using our personalized physical examination, we assess the function of your body and identify the steps needed to help you feel your best again.

3. Your Personalized Health Plan

Once we have a plan in place, we’ll go over it with you and discuss what we feel needs to be done to help you reach your goals.

Pricing & Insurance

Insurance Coverage Information

“Do I need a referral to see you?”
You do not need a referral to seek care at Cornerstone Health. This can be your first stop! In fact, if you need a referral for different type of service, such as imaging, we can provide that.
“Can I use my insurance for my care?”
We are in-network with BCBS and Blue Choice PPO plans. If your plan is out-of-network, we will equip you with the necessary items to submit your out-of-network claims to your insurance.  If you have questions about the process, or are wondering what reimbursement would look like for you, please call – we want to advocate for what’s best for you!
“Can I see you if I have Medicare?”
Yes, you can be examined and treated at Cornerstone Health, however, the services of examination and rehabilitation are considered non-covered services by Medicare and therefore are self-pay. If you have Medicare, please contact us for further explanation.

Usual and Customary Fees

Initial Session including comprehensive new patient exam – $210-250 
30-minute Comprehensive Treatment  $155 - 212 
45-minute Comprehensive Treatment  $160 - 261 
Advanced Regenerative Therapy Package – $1600
Chiropractic Adjustments – $49 -65 (depending on # of regions adjusted) 
Radial Shock Wave Trial – $65 fee added to treatment session costs per unit/region treated. 
Focused Shock Wave Trial – $90 fee added to treatment session costs per unit/region treated. 
Acupuncture  $65 
Dry Needle Muscle Release – $65 
Athletic Taping per 1-2 areas – $30 
If you have financial questions or would like us to verify your insurance benefits please give our friendly office staff a call at 847-868-9609 or use our Insurance Benefits Check tool.