Chances are, you clicked here because you are in pain.

We understand, and we want you feeling and moving better than ever.

In fact, our mission is to resolve chronic pain, both locally and globally.

But let's start with you!

Providers and other patients refer to Cornerstone a number of complex cases every day. We're often their last resort to overcoming pain.

Tell us more about your pain below.

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Our team has advanced training in shockwave therapy treatments. We host shockwave education seminars for other providers around the world.

Even if you've previously tried this therapy, if you have not had treatment at Cornerstone Health with our experts, there is still ample opportunity for us to help you.

When you think of your pain, how confident are you in your ability to recover?

Most clinics define success as a minimum of 35% improvement with a return to limited activities. Cornerstone aims much higher and has set our bar to 95% improvement, taking into account special needs that are not pain-related.

More than 90% of our patients report greater than 90% recovery at discharge. That's incredible! The human body is incredible! Our proven approach takes your motivation, will and commitment through an innovative and thorough approach to care. We're invested in getting your life back.

I'm on board! Let's schedule. Cool, but do you treat ______?

Let's check out the data!

Our shockwave package is clinically designed to improve joint health and mobility, with effects that stretch beyond the 8-week trial of care!

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We want you to experience the "WOW Factor" in personalized healthcare.

We have methods that matter and are ready to employ the ones that fit you.

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Are you ready to get started?

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