Innovative and Relaxing Infrared Sauna Therapy in Evanston, IL

Infrared light is a healing light wavelength that penetrates human tissues to producing numerous health benefits including: Skin Healing, Circulation, Blood Pressure Normalization, Pain Relief, Circulation, Cell Health, and Weight Loss.

Everything You Need to Know
  • Sessions last 35-45 minutes and burn 600-900 calories per session!
  • The heat of the infrared sauna is produced from the near, mid, and far infrared lights and is a less harsh heat than traditional saunas, allowing you to enjoy the relaxing healing benefits over a longer and more leisurely session.

Single Session $65
Add a Friend $5
Monthly Membership $199 (enjoy up to 3 IR Sauna sessions per week!)

We recommend sessions 1-3 times/week based on your specific goals.
Ask your Cornerstone Health Provider for a recommendation on your next visit.

"It has helped immensely with my daily body pain...

I notice a clear difference between before I use it, and after. I will admit that I was skeptical at first--I was encouraged by my doctor to try it to help with body detoxification. After a month of using the IR sauna 3 times a week, I am noticing consistent results and feeling better. The staff are so nice and helpful. The facility is always clean and prepped to go. I can't recommend it enough."

- Katie F.

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