Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a patient centered and health oriented approach. With functional medicine we look at the underlying causes of disease rather than diagnosing based on symptoms. The underlying cause of disease, particularly with chronic pain, differs from person to person. Therefore it is critical to consider biochemical individuality through testing in combination with getting to know the patient and learn of their complete history to support resolution of pain from the source.

Holistic & Integrative Health Expert Dr. Barbie Allegretti

Our 5-Step Process To Help You Feel Great Again

1. Fill Out The Symptom Questionnaire

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2. Book Your Comprehensive Evaluation Appointment

 In-Person at Cornerstone Health or via Telemedicine at Your Convenience. 

3. Complete Your Testing

You will receive your test kits from our office or we will deliver it to you. Most tests are completed in the comfort of your home. You can expect to have your results within 2 weeks.

4. Plan of Action & Follow Up

Now that you have had your first appointment and completed your tests you will begin plan of action. Your first follow up appointment will cover an in depth review and interpretation of your test results, an individualized plan targeting lifestyle, nutrition, and recommended supplements. After that, follow up appointments occur every 2 weeks for the first 8 weeks to ensure we are on track. 

5. Step 5: Retest

We are here to help to get started and help you to keep going. Retesting labs is important for us to confirm that not only are you feeling better but your lab values are better too. 

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