What is GERD?

Gastro-Esophageal Reflux or GERD is a very common problem that can be overcome without pharmaceutical drugs in most cases.

GERD happens when stomach acid enters your esophagus or throat rather than staying in the stomach. The issue is not that there is too much acid, rather, the acid is in the wrong place.

Treatments for GERD in Evanston, IL

Pharmaceutical treatment options focus on reducing acid production or acidity level, which may be needed during an acute flare-up to prevent damage to the esophageal cells.

However, this is not ideal as a long-term solution as stomach acid is needed to break down your food and utilize the nutrients. Overuse of acid blockers can lead to digestion and nutrient deficiency issues.

At Cornerstone Health, your GERD exam in Evanston, IL, will determine why stomach acid is in the esophagus and use modern, evidence-based treatments to help you overcome this painful condition.

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