Try This Exercise That Can Loosen Up The Inner Thigh And Increase Flexibility!

Try This Exercise That Can Loosen Up The Inner Thigh And Increase Flexibility!

– Hi, my name is Dr. Brett and I’m an athletic trainer at Cornerstone Health. Today, we’re gonna be going through an exercise for the hip, we call it hip groiner. A lot of patients that we work with experience hip pain and are very active in their lifestyle whether that be playing with their kids, walking their dogs, running, biking or finding anyway to stay active. With that in mind, together we’re gonna go through the hip groiner exercise, which is gonna target the inside of your thigh and start to improve your ability and your level of flexibility with exercise.

All right, so now we’re gonna get started with our hip groiner exercise demonstration. So to begin, we’re gonna move into a kneeling position. From this position, we’re going to extend out our right leg, as our right leg will be what we use as our example, for this exercise. So you extend the right leg out. Try to have the instep of your foot down, towards the floor. Next, we’re gonna place our hands out, in front of us. Keep your neck nice and long, back nice and flat. From this position, you’re going to push the bottom of your foot away from your body as you push your buttocks towards the heel of your bent knee. Just like this. You can challenge yourself by further extending out your leg and drawing your hip back, towards your heel. Hold this position for a couple breaths and come back up. Start from here and move back, towards your heel. Breathe in and breathe out.

Perform this exercise five to six times on each leg.


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