Success Stories

Henry Can Walk With His Wife Again!

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How Janise Overcame Her Chronic Pain!

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A Massage Therapist Finally Finds Relief At Cornerstone Health After 8 Years of Living With Pain!

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"I couldn't roll over in bed without pain. I couldn't sneeze. I couldn't put my pants on."

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She Had A 2-inch Gap Between Her Abs That Prevented Her From Walking Or Standing For Long Periods.

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"I always associated a chiropractor with, you know, the cracking and I didn't really wanna do that."

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The Pain From Adhesive Capsulitis Had Him Saying, "Enough's enough I gotta do something about this"

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"Love it. Open, airy, inviting, a really great vibe, welcoming..."

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"They've been a great help, Dr. Fergus has really been a blessing."

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"...they've become part of our family. They're wonderful and they help keep us healthy."

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"Fantastic. Fantastic in the sense that this is a dream."

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Monica Can Hold Her Baby Again!

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He Was Told He Needed An Operation To Fix His Foot! But Dr. Fergus Got Him Better Without Surgery!

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"I'm really about 100% in my tennis game after 4 and 1/2 months of having both hips replaced."

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Dr. Fergus Successfully Helped Kevin Accomplish His Goal Of NOT Having Another Shoulder Surgery!

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From Feeling Numbness To Feeling Fit! Listen To Kathy's Journey.

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"The most minor adjustments made very significant changes and improvements to my lifting abilities."

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"It was a little bit of an oasis... working on your health and feeling... invigorated afterward."

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"I love Cornerstone and I love being here, I love working with them and I think it is a great place"

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"We've brought our son and our...daughter...and they also received the same great level of care."

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