Monica Can Hold Her Baby Again

Monica Can Hold Her Baby Again

What issues were you dealing with and how long were you dealing with them before you found Cornerstone Health?

Hi, my name is Monica. Well I think I’ve never had a very good posture. Every time I realize my back was arching but the trouble started when I was six months pregnant and I have pain in my upper back. It was almost impossible to wash a few dishes but then when the baby was born the belly was gone but the pain was still in there. And not only washing dishes but also while breastfeeding that was when I decided to come to Cornerstone Health.

A lot of people think there isn’t a solution to their pain. Did you feel this way before coming to Cornerstone Health?

No, I was very confident since the very beginning because all my life I’ve been doing a lot of sports. And in the past I had some injuries that I recovered completely through some medical aid so I was pretty confident that I would get a solution for my back pain.

How long have you been coming to Cornerstone Health and what improvements have you seen?

I would say I’ve been here like for a month and a half. And the improvement has been great because right now I don’t feel any pain while breastfeeding or while washing dishes. I’m doin’ my regular life and I’m pretty happy about it.

Can you tell us how working with Cornerstone Health has improved your quality of life?

A lot because I mean you need to wash dishes like three times a day and then breastfeed her like I don’t know maybe seven or eight times a day so not feeling any pain it’s awesome.

How is Cornerstone Health different from the other clinics you’ve experience?

Here at Cornerstone Health the doctors are very professional but also they do care about you personally so you get a very nice relationship with them and it’s very funny and it’s nice to come and see them.

What would you say to someone that’s thinking about coming to Cornerstone Health for treatment?

I’ve heard from a lot of people that they said the chiropractors are like alternative doctors and sometimes they are not pretty confident on coming to see them. But I will say that they do know how to improve your condition so definitely you need to trust them.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

The team is great and also she’s been doing some therapy because she was not strong enough with her neck. When she was out of the hospital the nurses told us that she needed to do some tummy time like at least 15 minutes per day. But for her at the very beginning 30 seconds were like an impossible thing to do. So I was a little bit concerned about that and Dr. Fergus here at Cornerstone Health saw her and he started some therapy with her and now she can stand like for eight straight minutes. So it’s very easy to do twice a day and she can be her 15 minutes of tummy time.

How long did it take for you to see results in your daughter?

Since the very first session it was amazing because the baby they do the improvements very, very fast. So since the first appointment she had she was way better.


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