"The most minor adjustments made very significant changes and improvements to my lifting abilities."

"The most minor adjustments made very significant changes and improvements to my lifting abilities."

What issues were you dealing with and how long were you dealing with them before you found Cornerstone Health?

– Yeah, so, my name is Jerry. When I was dealing with a lot of lower back pain, and this has been going on for me for quite a while now. I would say on and off for anywhere from three to four years, and it was an injury that I suffered in February, this past February, that led me to seek out treatment at Cornerstone Health. So, I’ve been dealing with it more acutely for about four months prior to seeking treatment.

A lot of people think there isn't a solution to their pain. Did you feel this way before coming to Cornerstone Health?

Yeah, so, when I first sought out Cornerstone, I didn’t necessarily have any hesitation. I’ve received physical treatment– physical therapy from a lot of different clinics. It wasn’t until, I think, maybe my second or third session, and Doctor Fergus recommended me to work in, like, a class setting with this trainer, Denny, and that’s where some of my hesitancy came up, but Doctor Fergus was pretty persistent and persuasive for the most part, so, I took his advice, joined in on the class, and I was really happy that I did so. I learned a lot. Denny was able to supervise me on a lot of, on the various techniques, and, I guess, weightlifting movements that I’ve done for a lot of my life, and he was able to help me with some of those adjustments, or he adjusted a lot of my form and technique, so, it was really helpful.

How long have you been coming to Cornerstone Health & what improvements have you seen?

Yeah, so, I mentioned a little bit previously, I do a lot of– well, I like to weightlift, do a lot of sports activities as well, and for the most part, just remain active, but one of the areas of my life that I saw a lot of improvement was just in my technique, in my form. I think that I was having poor technique and form in the past was what led me to suffer a lot of the lower back injuries, and thus, being here, receiving some of the treatment from Doctor Fergus, and then Denny was the one who kind of, like, ran me through some movements, actually coached me through, very step by step, very meticulous, and that’s what helped me in my, in my ability to lift properly, and from there, I just had– I’ve just noticed that, like, I felt stronger. I felt better, more confident as well, and not feeling like I’m always gonna be prone or susceptible to some sort of injury. So, that’s definitely a huge improvement on my quality of life and lifting, yeah.

How has working with the Cornerstone Health Team helped your weight lifting?

Yeah, so, I’m still in what I would say, in, like, a recovery period. I have no, I’m nowhere near, I guess, the weight amount that I used in the past, but, having gone through the movements, I don’t feel any of the same amounts of pain or in the same areas or regions that I did in the past, and so, I’m more confident now as I progress through the movements, as I progress through adding more weights from session to session, and I’m not, you know, thinking twice about am I gonna suffer an injury if I add X amount of pounds to the next lift.

How is Cornerstone Health different from the other clinics you've experienced?

Yeah, so, when I first talked to Doctor Fergus, well, even prior to that, I was recommended to Cornerstone Health by a trusted friend of mine, and he basically just told me that Cornerstone has a very holistic approach, and for me, I have suffered numerous injuries across my body, and when I heard holistic, I was, like, oh, you know, I’m sure my lower back is connected to a lot of different areas of my, you know, with my legs or my ankles or my upper body, and hearing that, I figured this is a little bit different than just, say, spot-treating a particular region of my body. And so, I went in, talked to Doctor Fergus, and he really took the time to listen to not just my lower back pain but also just kind of dissect the rest, my physiology, and to see where all the, the dots and the points may line up. And so, it felt like he was trying to thoroughly diagnose me, and I felt really cared for. And I think the kind of, like, the partnership that he and Denny have, they, like, supplement each other really well.

What would you say to someone that maybe hesitant about coming to Cornerstone Health for personal training and treatment?

Yeah, I think for me, I kind of identify with that. I’ve done weightlifting for a while, was always too stubborn or prideful to really seek out, like, a personal trainer or, I guess in this case, a physical trainer/physical therapist. I think for anyone who resonates with that, I would just say, you know, take a leap of faith. Give it a shot. For me, I learned so much, and just to have a trained professional alongside me and being able to spot me and to see, like, the smallest little things. Even for me, the most minor adjustments made very significant changes and improvements to my lifting abilities. And so, I would just say for anyone who’s done this for a while, don’t be afraid. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Yeah, I’m just really grateful for the yeah, just the treatment that I’ve received here. You can feel the amount of thought and detail, or the level of detail that Doctor Fergus, you know, goes into for his clinic, and so, I’m just really glad that I had the opportunity to come here.


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