"It was a little bit of an oasis... working on your health and feeling... invigorated afterward."

"It was a little bit of an oasis... working on your health and feeling... invigorated afterward."

Can you tell us your thoughts on the new location?

– I thought the space was great. I really thought it was inviting and welcoming. I love the colors in this place, it’s very warm, neutral colors, and there’s a lot of natural light which I really appreciate. And there’s gonna be light all year round which is really nice, so, yeah, it’s beautiful.

What was your favorite thing about the new location?

So one of the things I like the best is the fact that there is natural light in here, and then also just the fact that it’s very welcoming. They have a lot of plants here and warm colors that are just very calming, and yeah, just very inviting.

How was your first class here?

It was good. It was good, there was a lot of space to move around. I really appreciated that. And there was, I mean, as usual, the trainers are just wonderful and helpful and yeah, I really enjoyed the time together. 

What did you think of the new Infrared Sauna?

It was great. So the sauna was a really nice treat to end a workout in, and that was something, you know, you’re just getting warmed up before you go into the Chicago cold.

Is it something that you would use regularly?

oh, absolutely, yeah.

How would you describe your experience today in one word?

If I had to use one word to describe this experience, I think it would just be refreshing. It was a little bit of an oasis of going somewhere, working on your health, and feeling, yeah, invigorated afterward. It was great.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

No, just keep it up. Yeah.


Monday – 7AM–5:30PM
Tuesday – 7AM–7PM
Wednesday – 7AM–5:30PM
Thursday – 7AM–5PM
Friday – 7AM–3PM
Saturday – By Appt. Only
Sunday – Closed


1030 Davis St. Suite 100
Evanston, IL 60201
(Intersection of Davis & Oak)

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