"Fantastic. Fantastic in the sense that this is a dream."

"Fantastic. Fantastic in the sense that this is a dream."

Can you tell us your thoughts on the new location?

– I think the new Cornerstone Health Clinic is pretty great. You need to have a space that fits with your mission, and the mission here is to eradicate chronic pain. This space is dynamic. You can do all sorts of things here. You can fit all sorts of different types of people here, and with larger and more treatment rooms, the gym space, to have people work out safely and challengingly together, it’s incredible. This is one of the nicest gyms I have ever worked out in, one of the nicest spaces I’ve ever worked out in.

How was your first foundational fitness class here?

So, my first class in foundational fitness was hard! I’m a big guy, I’m a powerlifter. I’m used to lifting heavy weights, maybe one or two reps. This was a challenge, but it was a good challenge. The coach here, one of the doctors here, they stuck with me. They encouraged me through it. If I couldn’t do a certain movement or get my body to move in a certain way, they helped me find alternatives. They stuck with me, they guided me through, and at the end, I accomplished that which was set before me. That’s good in an exercise class. It’s not when you’re just another number to fit in the space and not just another number to check off how many people you got in this class. I was a person to my coach, and they could see where I was struggling. They could see where I was thriving, and they encouraged me throughout it all. It was great!

How would you describe your experience today in one word?

Fantastic. Fantastic in the sense that this is a dream, and the mission here is not a small one. It really is to eradicate chronic pain, and you need to have the facilities to make that a reality. And to see such a wonderful space, to see all the people who are working here, the doctors all concentrating around this mission, they now have the tools, the space to make that happen. And it’s fantastic.

Can you tell us your experiences with the new services?

So, I’m a big guy, I’m a powerlifter. I’ve put a lot of weight and pressure on my lower back, especially in squatting and deadlifting and stuff like that. The acupuncture really does wonders. It loosens it up, it helps ease the pain. It helps it feel like I’m healing back there in just a very strange but palpable way. It’s not just a placebo, it actually does something. I really enjoy the acupuncture I get here. I think it makes a big difference, both short term and long. Yeah, so the shockwave therapy, I’ve been having a problem with my right-hand grip for a while, and my benchpress is probably my strongest lift, but when you have a problem with your grip, you’re not able to lift as much as you would like to. And so, I came to Doctor Fergus on it, and he has really helped me think of a treatment plan to help get my grip back where it needs to be. Shock therapy is a real part of that, and he works on a specific part of my hand that is constantly swollen. And it’s gotten so much better over the past couple weeks as we’ve been working on it and treating it through shock therapy and a couple other things. My grip is getting stronger. It’s not there completely yet, but Doctor Fergus has a plan. And I’m gonna stick to the plan he sets, and we’re gonna get where we need to go. And I’m gonna get my grip back, and I’m no longer gonna have pain in my right hand. I’m really thankful for that.


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