"...they've become part of our family. They're wonderful and they help keep us healthy."

"...they've become part of our family. They're wonderful and they help keep us healthy."

Can you tell us your thoughts on the new location?

– The facility itself is beautiful. The natural light is unlike any place I’ve ever, ever done a workout in. The skylights are, I think, my favorite part. It was a terrific space for a workout.

How was your first foundational fitness class here?

I thought it was really excellent. I like how it worked through all of the various parts of the body. I ended up not feeling tight at all ’cause we did stretching before and after, so I thought it was a really balanced workout.

How would you describe your experience today in one word?

Saucy. No I’m kidding. It was, it was, it was I don’t know it’s tough. One word. I thought it was energizing. No, because I think that you, sometimes when you workout you feel exhausted afterwards or tight but I think this gave a, you know, we definitely worked many muscle groups but afterwards, you know, I felt, I felt refreshed, so you, you know, to continue the day. I didn’t wanna just go home and go to bed.

How has it been working with the Cornerstone Staff?

I’m currently seeing Dr. Sam and I think that she is a fantastic doctor. She’s helped me with both calf and shoulder issues. I’ve, various treatments that she’s done, I especially like her acupuncture is terrific and I think that Dr. Ben’s always, you know, had great, he’s a wonderful doctor himself but has always hired great associates and it’s a, it’s a very caring and great organization.

What would you say to someone that maybe hesitant about coming to Cornerstone Health for treatment?

I would say they’re great people. It’s a great facility and they’re really good with working with insurance.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

They’re, they’ve become part of our family. They’re wonderful and they help keep us healthy.


Monday – 7AM–5:30PM
Tuesday – 7AM–7PM
Wednesday – 7AM–5:30PM
Thursday – 7AM–5PM
Friday – 7AM–3PM
Saturday – By Appt. Only
Sunday – Closed


1030 Davis St. Suite 100
Evanston, IL 60201
(Intersection of Davis & Oak)

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