The Pain From Adhesive Capsulitis Had Him Saying, "Enough's enough I gotta do something about this"

The Pain From Adhesive Capsulitis Had Him Saying, "Enough's enough I gotta do something about this"

What issues were you dealing with and how long were you dealing with them before you found Cornerstone Health?

– So, my name is Chris, and I had developed adhesive capsulitis in my left shoulder. And I went and researched online and I started taking a look at reviews and different things, and I had had it for quite some time and I just sorta toughed it out for a while. And I found Cornerstone and I really liked the more scientific approach they took towards chiropracty, and the fact that they offer acupuncture and physical therapy as well, and exercise programs as well really seemed appealing to me. So, I sought out Cornerstone and got treatment, initially, for my left shoulder adhesive capsulitis. Fast forward after this one is now working great, I developed adhesive capsulitis in my right shoulder now. So, I’m back here working through a program, and I think the great thing is I have a great deal of teamwork with the doctors here and have been really making great progress on the shoulder issues. They’ve got a real talent for shoulders here.

A lot of people think there isn't a solution to their pain. Did you feel this way before coming to Cornerstone Health?

Yeah, I actually, I had actually been dealing with my problem for almost a year. Or maybe about eight months without seeking any treatment. Like, it’ll just go away, it’ll just go away, and it just continued to get worse and locked up. And just my range of motion got increasingly restricted, and I just, at some point I’m like, “Enough’s enough. “I gotta do something about this.”

How long have you been coming to Cornerstone Health & what improvements have you seen?

So, I’ve been going to Cornerstone probably for about two years now. You know, my shoulder, adhesive capsulitis takes a long time to work through, and it’s a very challenging condition, and very, very painful condition. So, you know, we worked through this shoulder and now we’re onto this shoulder. The shoulder’s actually been bad for almost a year now, it’ll be a year in August where it sorta kinda first started. But I’m making much faster progress with this now that I got in earlier, and we have a good treatment regimen based on, kinda, some of what we did on the left shoulder. So, you know, taking what we learned on the left shoulder and applying it to the right shoulder really made a difference in progressing a lot faster.

How is Cornerstone Health different from the other clinics you've experienced?

You know I’ve, well, that’s a big question, right? I mean, so, I went to a surgeon for my shoulder at one point, and that was almost entirely useless, unfortunately. And they didn’t really offer good treatment options. You know, sort of the option they offered me there was surgery that would leave me somewhat restricted at the end of it. And so I opted for a program to work it, work through it, where I would have more range of motion when I was done. I’d been to other chiropractors and the thing that I didn’t like about some of these other chiropractors is they weren’t as thoughtful and as methodical and scientific in their approach to how to do treatments, and evaluate treatments, and I really, really like that approach about Cornerstone.

What would you say to someone that maybe hesitant about coming to Cornerstone Health for treatment?

Well you know, well, first of all I think, you know, Cornerstone’s ruined, like, traditional massage for me entirely. Because I’m like, every time I get a massage now it’s like, “God, you’re just not quite getting it there.” What I would say is if, like, that’s the route you’re going, you know, get in and do it early because you will have much better, much faster results. And if you’re kind of, like, trying it like, “Oh, I’m stiff, and my back hurts,” and stuff like that, and you’re getting the massages, this is a different kind of thing, and it’s more focused and it’s more determined to release the areas and get resolution to your problems faster. Yeah, if you’re hesitant about chiropractors, and I will say that I am, like, high-speed manipulations scare me. And you know, when I think of chiropractors I always think of these high-speed manipulations. And that was sort of a conversation that I had with Denny and Dr. Fergus that, you know, I’m kind of uncomfortable with that. And that was not an issue at all, and the adapted a program and an approach that was very specific to me and my comfort levels, and that made it really great for me and didn’t bring me into areas where I was uncomfortable, but put together a really excellent program to get me resolution on my issues.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

You know, I just think it’s a great group of people here. And the one other thing I would add too that I think is really cool about Cornerstone is they have the exercises, exercise programs are really excellent, but then you also get the chiropracty, you get massage, therapeutic massage, you get acupuncture as well, and some of those more Eastern traditional medicine approaches, which actually do great work. I haven’t been getting acupuncture for this shoulder. I did get some acupuncture for this shoulder, and it really helped some of the things I was having going on there too, so.


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