"They've been a great help, Dr. Fergus has really been a blessing."

"They've been a great help, Dr. Fergus has really been a blessing."

Can you tell us your thoughts on the new location?

– It’s fantastic. The color scheme of the place is really, really warming and welcoming and calming. And the class, overall, was really, really good.

– Yeah and I liked the modern design/decor that’s in the building, it’s in the skylight in the workout area, is really nice.

How was your first class here?

– I thought it was great. I was introduced to my QL muscles today, I didn’t know I had QL muscles today but I’ll be greeting them every morning from now on! But just the fact that I was able to engage different muscle groups that were woken up, was a good thing.

– Yeah and it was great, I always enjoy working with Denny and Brett. They’re very knowledgeable, they’re good about spotting the specific little things that you need to do differently so that you don’t injure yourself or to make sure you’re building strength in the right way.

– Yeah, they’re very focused on technique and I love the fact that they’re so focused on making sure that you have the right form.

How would you describe your experience today in one word?

– I would say, engaging. Everything about the class, as well as the color scheme, you just kind of feel drawn in and made to feel apart of what’s going on at Cornerstone and what’s going on to help your body out.

– Yeah and I would say, invigorating. It makes you wanna become more active and stay fit on a longterm basis, not just right now while you’re rehabbing.

Did you get a chance to try any of the new services?

– What was the shockwave?

– We didn’t do that, we did the sauna.

– We did the sauna and I would say that I didn’t come out probably well-done, I probably came out medium-rare. But overall it was interesting, it was a new experience for us.

– Yeah.

– It felt like kind of being in Arizona with dry heat. So it was nice that it wasn’t like a typical sauna, where you just feel proliferated with sweat.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

– I think Cornerstone has been a great place to come to, to help improve the different pain and different issues I’ve had with mobility. They’ve been a great help, Dr. Fergus has really been a blessing.

– Yeah, and I work with Dr. Szyska for a while and I had had some really, really bad posture and my neck was kicking up and I started off over at SomaVita and they referred me to Cornerstone. And it was a result of working with Dr. Szyska, and getting put on the right exercises, it was able to relieve the pain I was having in my shoulder.



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Friday – 7AM–3PM
Saturday – By Appt. Only
Sunday – Closed


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