COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Cornerstone Health has partnered with KMBO Labs to provide patients
with accurate COVID-19 antibody testing.

What You Need to Know

Who should get this test:
Anyone who would like to know if they previously contracted COVID-19 and now have antibodies against it.

Who should not get this test: If you are newly sick and symptomatic. This test is 98+% accurate 10+ days after initial symptoms are present. Prior to that, the accuracy is only 89% as our immune system is still creating antibodies to fight the infection. If you are actively experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please still report symptoms to your doctor or hospital to obtain a nasal swab test for severe/active cases.

Will this tell me if I previously had COVID-19 and now have antibodies against COVID-19?  Yes. This is the most accurate test available for antibody tracing of past infection. It is 98+% accurate 10 + days following infection and near 100% accurate 28+ days following infection based on current data. 

Will this test tell me if I am Immune to COVID -19.  Currently Unknown. Although this test will accurately confirm that your body makes antibodies to fight COVID-19, the CDC and WHO are not yet certain if individuals can contract COVID-19 again. Based on what experts know about virology and the nature of the COVID-19 virus, some level of immunity is expected, however the duration of immunity is as yet unproven due to the newness of the virus.

I have heard about unreliable testing in the news- Is this test a good one?

We have patiently waited for good tests to be created, tested, and approved. This is the first one that we have been confident in. Here’s why:

-First antibody test approved by CFDA and only dual IGG and IGM device approved.

-Only assay on the market that does NOT cross-react with the other coronaviruses or influenza or the common cold.

-2 million patients samples run to date and  3,000 Samples run in the USA.

-Manufactured in an FDA registered facility

-Peer-reviewed multi-center studies completed, which show 99% accuracy.

What is the cost? What is the process?
The cost for the COVID-19 Antibody Test is $199. We can charge a card you currently have on file or you can fill out the form below with new payment information. After the order is complete, we will ship you a test kit. Because this test works off of a pinprick of blood, it can be administered from the comfort of your own home or we can assist you in-office if you prefer. The test kit includes a prepaid express mail envelope to easily send the sample to the lab. We will contact you within 72 hours with results.

Order Your Test:

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